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Partner Summit 2019
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BL01 - Decode the Future with Mitch Joel Right now, every business is trying to figure out where their consumer base and market share is heading—and how to get there first. With this talk, Mitch Joel offers an overview of the major technology shifts that are coming and how they’ll affect human behavior. Mitch has counseled brands ranging from Google to GE to Shopify on how to decode the future, and now he’s bringing that understanding to brands across North America. By helping audiences understand the ways in which all of us will be interacting with and dependent on emerging technologies in the next 5-10 years, Mitch opens new conversations on how to incorporate those behaviors into innovation that will be key drivers of tomorrow’s business. 1 Hour Business Leadership Session Mitch Joel
AUX87897 - Global Distribution Celebration For questions, please contact With the power of their EDGE, our distributors increase and sharpen Cisco’s Edge. Growth. Scale. Transformation. Three powerful engines, and our distributors keep all those engines running. Please join the Global Distribution Team in celebrating the Distribution Edge. 2 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86796 - Software Partner EA Forum For questions, please contact As we accelerate execution of our partner software GTM, Cisco executives will lead forward-thinking discussions about Cisco's software buying models, sales go-to-market accelerators and tools to support the Partner Enterprise Agreement (EA) Scaling Pilot. The objective of the forum is to share how Cisco is evolving to address your needs, identify areas for continued improvement, and learn how we can accelerate your software business. 5 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX88443 - US West Area Reception For questions, please contact 1 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX88435 - US East Area Reception For questions, please contact 1 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
HT03 - Protect What's Now and What's Next with Cisco Security Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! CISOs want to support digital business and create a secure foundation for transformation, so their organizations can expand to the cloud, embrace SD-WAN, and deliver a mobile experience for users. At Cisco we think it’s time the industry did better; we need to make products that work together, that are simple enough for anyone to use, and that are based on open APIs so our customers have flexibility within an ecosystem. That’s why we have built the most effective Security solutions in the industry, based on the broadest portfolio in the market; our platform is underpinned by continuous and pervasive trust verification and the most effective threat intelligence research team on the planet. Learn how you can become a trusted advisor in security and key strategic technology areas. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Jeff Reed
Ben Greenbaum
HT09 - Getting an Edge in Multicloud: Powering the Application Revolution Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Cisco's Cloud mission is to help partners drive an application first mindset, reach new buying centers, engage Line of Business Owners, and lead the application and cloud conversation. Understanding your customers' application roadmap and multicloud plans are crucial to developing the edge you need to increase your relevance. Cisco can help you differentiate your practice by providing application management, cloud security and cloud networking. Cisco's use case-led approach will help you sell higher with best-in-class cloud infrastructure and application management software to enable your customers' digital transformation. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Fabio Gori
Dave Cope
IS01 - Gain Your Edge with Cisco's Multi-Domain Strategy Imagine presenting an end-to-end architectural solution to your customers today that can help transform their business and gain a competitive edge. A solution that helps them simplify their operations, deliver policy consistency and agility, and enables security across multiple domains. The competition may promise pieces, but only Cisco can deliver integrated solutions to the market. Join Cisco's business leaders to discuss the demand for multi-domain technology, with specific solutions to share with customers. See a demo of real solutions ready to present now, and hear about the innovative solutions that only Cisco can deliver. 1 H Impact Session Scott Harrell
Roland Acra
Susie Wee
IS03 - Hone Your Edge: Sharpen Your Advantage with Cisco Programs Cisco programs give you an edge in the market—if you know how to get the most from them. In this session, you’ll see how Cisco helps you perform at your best for today and transform to meet the customer needs of tomorrow. You will hear about new specializations and career certifications that help you differentiate yourself in the market and build new capabilities as you transform your Cisco practice. We will also share new incentive programs that boost your profitability. Carve out a unique place for yourself with Cisco partner programs! 1 H Impact Session Marc Surplus
Sandra Flinders
Arjun Lahiri
IS05 - Power Your Recurring Revenue and Sharpen Your Managed Services Edge Managed services is a $282 billion global opportunity across segments. Your primary path to recurring revenue success is creating your own differentiated managed services. Discover how Cisco will accelerate your recurring revenue growth in addition to your resale business – now and into the future. We’ll be with you long after the flooded vendor market consolidates, powering you with leading security, networking, collaboration, cloud-based solutions and integrated cross-domain architectures. We’ll also help you hone your winning edge in marketing, sales and profitable professional services. Learn how you can expand your managed services, increase efficiency, get to market faster and reduce risk. 1 H Impact Session Nirav Sheth
Marc Inderhees
Shaina Tamburr
HT01 - Sharpen Your Edge with Enterprise Networks Innovations Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! We all strive to be relevant to our customers, right? Join us as we share Cisco's Enterprise Networking (EN) innovations that are available today and how they help you sharpen your edge. Through realistic customer scenarios, learn how you can be successful this year in driving adoption of Cisco DNA Center, winning the SD-WAN business and expanding the conversation beyond IT with Cisco DNA Spaces. You'll walk away knowing how to monetize on these technologies and the market opportunity, while understanding new incentives and innovations to fuel your success with Cisco intent-based networking solutions. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Sachin Gupta
Jason Gallo
HT05 - Lead Your Customers to the Modern Workplace Through Cisco's Unified Webex Platform Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Companies are facing a major shift and your customers are looking for partners to guide them through workplace transformation. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, companies must transform the workplace to meet today's challenges. With employees communicating and collaborating in unprecedented ways, a globally distributed workforce and the need to innovate faster than ever before, employers need the tools to integrate technology into the experiences that employees are familiar with and use every day. The single unified platform provides the integrated amazing human experiences of calling, meeting, messaging and devices all working together fluidly. Help your customers create cognitive, magic moments and modernize their workplace. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Javed Khan
HT07 - IoT: The Growth Frontier Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Customers, across industries, are connecting everything to increase revenue, gain efficiencies, and improve customer experiences. This trend has enabled Cisco IoT to become a fast-growing architecture. Learn how Cisco is uniquely bringing networking, cyber security and edge capabilities together to solve some of the most difficult IoT challenges. This Session provides an overview of Cisco's IoT portfolio with Extended Enterprise use-cases focused on IT and OT buyers in Transportation, Manufacturing, Smart City, Utilities, and Public Sector. The session provides the latest news and announcements for IoT products, partnerships, support, developer resources and programs to accelerate your practices. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Vikas Butaney
AUX85598 - Partner Summit ANZ Theatre Reception For questions, please contact Thank you for making the commitment to attend the Cisco Partner Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, we are excited to host you at what promises to be an inspiring event.  During the summit you'll learn which key market transitions and opportunities are most relevant to our region as well as the key strategies Cisco will be adopting for the future.  The Cisco Partner Summit is also a great opportunity to network, socialise, and build lasting professional connections. We'd like to take the opportunity to invite you to join the ANZ Partner community for dinner at China Poblano- Located within The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, this is not the Chinese or Mexican food you might expect. Inspired by José Andrés' travels through China and Mexico, and his unique brand of creativity to produce something amazing. China Poblano is the perfect venue for a night to remember. 4 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX83646 - Partner Experience Research For questions, please contact Got feedback on how Cisco can better enable your success? Meet with us to help design an experience with Cisco products & services you and your customers will love.  Email to schedule a 60-90 minute conversation with our research team. 9 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX87128 - Americas Software and Services: Leading the Transformation with Our Partners For questions, please contact Our customers and their success are at the center of everything we do. The strategic imperative of both Cisco and our partners is to enable customers to realize the value of their technology and digital investments faster. A lifecycle approach integrating both software and services, is the best way to do this. Join us for a thought-provoking session with industry experts and Americas Leadership to discuss how we will partner together to capture new opportunities and deliver extraordinary experiences to our mutual customer bases. 1 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX85272 - Marketing Velocity Reception For questions, please contact Please join us for a reception hosted by Boon Lai, Vice President of Global Partner Marketing, as we kickoff an amazing week at Partner Summit. Network with other partners, your regional leaders and Cisco Marketing and Sales executives over delicious appetizers and drinks. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! Sake Rok is located inside The Park at 3786 South Las Vegas Blvd. (between Park MGM and New York - New York). From Aria, take the covered walkway to Park MGM. Once inside Park MGM, follow signs for The Park/T-Mobile Arena. Sake Rok is inside The Park, in front of the T-Mobile Arena. 2 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX88446 - US Public Sector Reception For questions, please contact 1 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX88434 - US Central Area Reception For questions, please contact 1 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX88445 - US South Area Reception For questions, please contact 1 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
BL02 - Unleash Your Potential with Molly Fletcher It often takes a crisis to create change in our lives. How can we create transformational change in the absence of crisis and unleash our true potential? Molly shares stories from her experiences as a successful sports agent and lessons from top athletes and coaches in the game. She outlines the 5-step process to unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance. 1 Hour Business Leadership Session Molly Fletcher
HT04 - Own Your Competitive Edge with Cisco Data Center Anywhere Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Your customers are under pressure like never before to deliver the next-generation digital experience that runs and secures applications anywhere on-prem, in the cloud, and at the edge. Cisco continues to innovate data center technology that simplifies and solves complex challenges delivering agile, secure, and scalable solutions with Cisco Data Center Anywhere. Learn how Cisco Data Center is accelerating partner growth and achieving the competitive edge with multi-domain solutions, flexible consumption models, and multicloud infrastructure to the edge so customers are ready for the future of applications. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Andrew Tennant
Cynthia Johnson
HT06 - 5G. It's Here! It's Now! Are You Ready? Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Change is good, only if the experience is better. With more users and things connecting in more ways every day, networks need to adapt quickly to keep ahead. Without the right infrastructure, service provider, enterprise, and public sector customers can get overwhelmed by traffic demands, regardless of industry or vertical. Whether it's with 5G, IOT, video, or cloud traffic, you can help solve their problems around resiliency, complexity, scale, latency, and security using innovative service provider technologies. Grow your business through new solutions, programs, and resources to capitalize on these market changes. Help your customers achieve better business outcomes around revenues, profits and risk mitigation. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Kevin Wollenweber
HT08 - The Future of Growth Marketing: Integrated Marketing and Sales in the Age of the Customer Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! By 2020, B2B digital sales are expected to outgrow B2C digital buying. How will your organization remain competitive and drive growth in the midst of shifts in customer expectations, market disruptions, and the way customers buy and consume technology? Join Boon and Chad in an interactive discussion of current trends in digital demand generation, integrated sales and marketing go-to-market, and growth marketing. We will share real-world Cisco and industry use cases and pragmatic insights you can use to deliver growth for your business. We will also share how Cisco is supporting our valued partners with funding, digital enablement, content, and digital services to engage customers and drive revenue. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Boon Lai
Chad Reese
HT10 - Programmability: Igniting Profitability Through Software and Services Innovation Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Programmability is opening the door to new destinations. Doors rarely open on their own; you have to take action to unlock and push forward. This session will help partners understand how they can be empowered to build unique services and solutions based on the foundation of Cisco APIs. One of the biggest changes when we think about our progress through the technology ages, is that change used to be customers adapting to the latest technology. Today, our perspective is about technology adapting to customer needs. A US$6T market opportunity exists through 2022 according to IDC, with forecasted growth of 15-20 percent (CAGR). Our partners and Cisco are in this to win our share of this market and create their Edge for success. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Alex Pujols
GC02 - Geo Connection Session: EMEAR In this session, you will hear from Cisco EMEAR executives including Wendy Mars, President, and David Meads, VP, Partner Organisation. The session will provide a great opportunity to engage with the EMEAR fiscal year strategy and key initiatives to drive your success. Other speakers will discuss what it takes to be a star performer, and how to excel in our changing markets. 1 H Geo Connection Session Wendy Mars
David Meads
Mitch Joel
Cisco Panel
IS02 - Together We Win with CX Lifecycle Lifecycle is our largest joint opportunity to profit and grow together while delivering transformative value for our shared customers. Last year, we introduced Cisco CX and a vision for our joint success. Now we’ll share how we executed on our 2019 commitments and invested in building the foundation for your CX journey. We’ll share the comprehensive lifecycle partner model, how we’re delivering the model’s key components (e.g. specialization and certification, simplified renewals) and demonstrate early successes. Join us for the announcement of the new Success Portfolio, powered by collaborative intelligence, and new offers like BCS 3.0, Solution Support, CX Operate, that will grow your profitability and enrich your services opportunities. 1 H Impact Session Alistair Wildman
Denny Trevett
Rajat Mishra
IS04 - Small and Medium Markets are BIG; BIG Innovation, BIG Growth, and BIG Profit! Winning BIG in FY 20 means focusing on Small and Medium market segments. During this session, we will show you how to get your share of the fastest growing business at Cisco. We will look at new opportunities for creating larger customer wallet per deal and driving recurring offers, and delivering managed services that create value. We’ll explore how partners can drive customer lifecycle engagements, understand sales plays and other enablement tools and resources. Plus, we will provide insight to specific Cisco small and medium market programs that support your business. Reinforce pre and post-sale promotion and incentives to win BIG! 1 H Impact Session Jason Gallo
Andrew Sage
John Donovan
IS06 - Fast and Furious: Drive Growth, Profitability, and Customer Success with Software-Led Selling Did you know: enterprise agreements can result in 3x bigger deals and a lifecycle approach can double bookings growth? Software is at the core of Cisco’s strategy and our partners are a critical part of the winning team. Learn about customer use-cases mapped to Cisco’s Software Platform and new cross-architectural sales plays designed to accelerate your business and reach new markets. Discover how we’ve improved customer incentives to buy with lowered Enterprise Agreement (EA) thresholds, multi-suite discounting, and EA management tools. The time is now for you to fire up the engines, take the wheel, and accelerate your growth with Cisco Software. 1 H Impact Session Gary Wolfson
Vinay Nichani
Mark Hill
HT02 - Unlock and Expand New Business Opportunities with Meraki's Technology Partners Hub Talk seating is limited and not guaranteed therefore, Partners will have priority to these sessions, "first come, first serve"! Explore the benefits of the Meraki platform and apps ecosystem, and discover new ways to solve customer business challenges beyond just networking. Meraki's technology partners, integrated with Meraki APIs, offer opportunities for partners to demonstrate the value of the Meraki platform to non-IT stakeholders, and create managed services that generate new and recurring revenue streams. 30 Minutes Hub Talk Rob Casselman
Ben Fallon
GC01 - Geo Connection Session: Americas In this session, you will hear from key Cisco Americas executives, including Jeff Sharritts, Senior Vice President, Americas and John Moses, Vice President, Americas Partner Organization. The session will provide an update on industry and marketplace dynamics, our customer’s evolving expectations and the resulting opportunities that we must capitalize on, together. They will discuss the actions that we need to take and how we can transcend ensuring our mutual success to do something legendary. 1 H Geo Connection Session John Moses
Jeff Sharritts
GC03 - Geo Connection Session: APJC In this session, you will hear from key Cisco APJC executives, including Miyuki Suzuki, President, APJC and Vicki Batka, Vice President, APJC Partner Organization and Vish Iyer, Vice President, APJC Architectures. They will present their strategy for FY20, and share key initiatives including customer lifecycle and experience, incubation technologies as well as partner support to make you successful. 1 H Geo Connection Session Vicki Batka
Miyuki Suzuki
Vish Iyer
AUX85441 - GSPO Welcome Reception Join Nick Holden, Vice President of Cisco’s Global and Strategic Partner Org, for a welcome reception to celebrate an amazing year with incredible accomplishments.   Nick will speak to his main priorities for this year, as well as present a few awards for stand out performances. 1 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86311 - North Partner Awards For questions, please contact This year our Award Dinner will take place at NoMad Bar, at Park MGM.  It is well within walking distance from Aria and a great setting to celebrate our partnership and all of your achievements. We look forward to seeing you there from 7pm – 11pm for dinner and our traditional award ceremony. Kind Regards, Kim Cramer Sonn Channel lead Cisco EMEAR North Walking Directions: From the Aria lobby/casino level, follow signs for “Main Valet Pick-Up”.  From there you will go up a set of escalators and follow signs for Park MGM and then NoMad Bar. This is a short 5 – 7 minute walk, all indoors. 4 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86220 - Meraki Party Join Meraki on Monday, November 4th at 3pm-6pm for an exclusive first look at our newest strategic product line. Be among the first partners to see this product in person and discuss with Meraki product leaders over a refreshing beverage and appetizers. RSVP today! This is an invitation-only event; space at the venue is limited. 3 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX85894b - Artificial Intelligence: Next Technological Frontier For questions, please contact Please note: Seating is Limited Partners will learn about AI customer challenges and how to spark a conversation that can help them start a reliable AI journey.  Hear from Cisco experts who are creating a robust AI foundation for our customers, and see how Cisco can help partners create customized solutions that will impact customers’ businesses. AI is here to stay, and we, at Cisco are taking steps to use AI to help our customers create reliable AI infrastructure. 1 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX85894a - How IoT Drives Incremental Revenue Leveraging Your Core Cisco Networking Investments For questions, please contact Please note: Seating is Limited Hear from the IOT Executives as how you can drive additional business leveraging your core networking skillsets with Cisco’s IOT portfolio.   This session will provide an update to Cisco’s IOT Strategy and Product Portfolio. We will also present various IoT deployment scenarios across Extended Enterprise, Security and Industry Verticals (Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, and Oil & Gas).   In addition, touch base on how to further secure and comprehensively manage various deployment scenarios. The session will also provide updates to IoT partner incentive programs and next level IOT enablement training. 1 H 45 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX84889 - UK & Ireland Awards Dinner For questions, please contact With amazing views over Vegas, this is perfect setting in which we can come together and celebrate our mutual success. We look forward to discussing our joint opportunity to achieve more together in the future. See you in Vegas. Safe travels & best wishes, Angela Whitty & Scot Gardner 4 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86072 - AppDynamics Happy Hour For questions, please contact AppDynamics invites you to an exclusive invitation-only Happy Hour event at The Barbershop Speakeasy located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on Monday November 4th. Join us for this celebratory networking event as we want to thank all of our Titan and Pioneer partners for a tremendous year. We look forward to seeing you there! 2 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86926 - Global Enterprise Segment - Americas For questions, please contact GES auxiliary session is intended to foster more aligned sales motions and stronger relationships between our key partners and the GES leadership team. We’ll discuss how we can improve partner performance and engagement in FY20. It’s also an opportunity for you to share how you can help Cisco drive growth with our largest customers. 4 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86000 - Cisco South Europe Partner Summit Awards Event For questions, please contact Cisco South Europe Partner Summit Awards Event   Join us for the celebration of the South Partner Summit Awards and Dinner event at the Brooklyn Bowl:   Venue: Brooklyn Bowl - Address: 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Date: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 Time: 8:00pm – 11:00pm Transportation is provided. Meet at the Aria Shuttle Bus Pickup at 7:15pm. This is the perfect setting to come together, celebrate and have fun! We are really looking forward to hosting you for this fantastic event. See you there,   Santiago 3 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86947 - Collaboration is WebeXceptional - drive your biggest SaaS deals in FY20 & Beyond For questions, please contact The industry is ready and waiting for a solution to transform their employee and customer experience. Webex has the full portfolio to meet their needs. The WebexCeptional human-centered experiences across Meetings, Calling, Teams, Contact Center and Devices connect people from anywhere, on any device, and any room to get more done together. Webex is the connective tissue for the modern workplace. With cognitively differentiated market leading experiences, recognized by analysts worldwide, Webex is the portfolio to deliver high business value to your customers. Leverage incentive programs to increase your profitability, and build annuity for years to come by starting a collaboration conversation today. Sell Smart, Sell Simple, Sell Secure, Sell WebeXceptional. 1 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX85894d - Get Ready for the 2020s: Define Your Future in Networking For questions, please contact Please note: Seating is Limited Find out how networks are evolving rapidly and why customers need high-performance networks designed to properly carry next-gen traffic. Hear from executives on the future direction of networking and how partners can capitalize on these transitions through sales plays and partner enablement. 1 H 45 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86946 - Collaboration Partner Celebration For questions, please contact Cocktails and appetizers await at The Barbershop. Enter through the unassuming janitor door to reveal a swanky hideaway bar reminiscent of Prohibition-era speakeasies. Amy Chang and the Collaboration Leadership Team will be there to meet you and hear your thoughts on the business so we can help you Own your Edge - to make FY20 our best year ever! We look forward to seeing you there! 2 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86216 - MEA Partner Awards Ceremony For questions, please contact Dear Middle East & Africa Partner Summit attendees, It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend our Middle East & Africa Partner Awards ceremony on Tuesday November 5th at 7pm.  Our venue for this will be the Breathe Pool @ The Hard Rock, 4455 Paradise Road • Las Vegas. Transportation will be provided.  Meet at the Aria Shuttle Bus Pickup at 7:00pm. I look forward to welcoming you all and spending a great evening with you here in Las Vegas.  Best regards,  Abdelilah Nejjari 3 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86331 - Cisco & NTT Reception For questions, please contact and The Cisco & NTT cocktail reception will be held in the Boombox room of the Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan hotel. Please use the 2nd level Marquee entrance, across from the top floor of the Chandelier Bar and across from Holstein’s Restaurant. Please note: this reception is invite-only. 2 H 30 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX85894c - CX Portfolio: Unleashing the Power of the Partner For questions, please contact Please note: Seating is Limited As we look at our business through the lens of the customer's lifecycle, we see opportunity and value for Cisco, our partners, and customers.  In this session, Global Partner, Global Services, and CX Leaders will focus on the importance of the partner in the lifecycle and the power of Cisco and partners combined. We'll discuss how to create the ultimate customer experience both today and in the future. 1 H 45 M Auxiliary Meeting
AUX86287 - IoT Partner Discover Day For questions, please contact   5 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX88904 - AppDynamics EMEA Partner Dinner For questions, please contact AppDynamics EMEA Channel team invites you to an exclusive dinner at Catch, located inside the ARIA hotel. This exclusive dinner will be hosted by the AppDynamics Executive Team. We hope to see you there! 2 H Auxiliary Meeting
AUX84888 - UK & Ireland Welcome Reception For questions, please contact We look forward to discussing our opportunity to achieve more together in the future. See you in Vegas on November 4th. Safe travels & best wishes, Angela Whitty & Scot Gardner 4 H Auxiliary Meeting
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